And the yellow one?

Isn't that the most humane punishment for criminals?


It looks like Jakob doesn't have any chance of winning.

The great river was dark with silt.

I think that's where Miki is now.


Jill didn't treat Sorrel right.

The Christian mythologists tell us that Christ died for the sins of the world, and that he came on Purpose to die.

Boston is cold for me, unlike Chicago.


We associate her face with a cherry.

He keeps a toyshop in a small way.

What should I do with all this stuff?


He is proud of his father being rich.


Leonard followed the group out the door.

Nhan and Clarence fight constantly.

Where do you think we should live?

I know somebody who speaks French very well.

It's amazing that we all didn't get killed.

Of course he lied.

I just want you to accept me for who I am.

I don't want that much milk.

Maybe it's the low air pressure that means you get drunk more easily on planes.

The dominance of English is killing the European dialogue.

He was fighting for his life in the back of an ambulance.


Why have you changed your profile picture?

All you have to do is fill in the blanks below.

Do we care?


I had no idea things were so bad.

She set a child in the chair.

Mahmoud's mad.

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It was a bummer.


I don't know what to buy him for his birthday.

Has Jesus told you everything?

Take advantage of this opportunity to see Versailles.

If a wife commands, a house knows no order.

I'm genuinely happy for Edith.


The hole is wide.


We'll die if we stay here.

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We're losing a lot of time.

Dictionaries are used to look up the words you don't know.

What's it composed of?


Someone crashed into me on my way home yesterday.

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I'd appreciate it if you would turn off the lights.


The counsellor said that Douglas had a textbook case of OCD.

Sri asked me to look for some rope.

His debt came to 100 dollars.


This could only happen to you.


We can't stay here. The roof is about to collapse!

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As corny as it sounds, I love my husband more each day.

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Without "ethical culture," there is no salvation for humanity.

Randall was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

My license has been suspended.


I heard that Mr. Inoue has stayed at that hotel.

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The pay was good, and that was their only motivation to participate in the study.

I have a right to my private life.

Many people prefer to cook with butter instead of oil.

She hardly ate anything.

To my dismay, my wallet was gone.

You are so smart!

We live in a cozy little house in a side street.


I'm pretty sure that Ken doesn't want to talk to you.

When they are in danger, they run away.

Take my hand.

Be realistic!

Louie doesn't know when Ramneek will leave for Boston.


What I hate most about living in Istanbul is always getting stuck in traffic.

Teriann has never gone rafting down a river.

Kobe is the city I like most.

I've been a public school teacher for the past thirteen years.

It's not as difficult to find a native speaker to help you with your language studies as it used to be.

He shan't go there.

Would you mind lending me your car?

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Why am I always the one who has to suffer?


What's your take?


The cherry blossoms flutter down whenever the wind blows.

It was a problem that was difficult to solve.

Rabin has lost his interest in studying French.

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Hitoshi is going to Boston.

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Do you have anything cheaper?

In April we have a lot of school events.

I'm glad Dean liked it.

There was nobody around.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

I'm always writing strange things, so I'm sure it's difficult to comment on.

What is it all about?


I'm opposed to that bill.

Nguyen's plane went missing.

I'll have to tell my boss that I won't be in tomorrow.

Lead is a common environmental pollutant.

Is it really the case?

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No one did anything else.


You can watch movies with English subtitles using this link.


Unusually warm weather caused problems for the apple harvest.

Phill was still asleep.

You totally freaked him out.


This machine weighs nearly thirty tons.


I needed help.

Let's go if it's not raining.

The devil challenged God to a baseball game.

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It's not safe here.

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I thought Rolfe would go with you on your camping trip.


From these verses, we can see the different description of the same entity: the city, the kingdom, the heavenly Jerusalem, the church, and Mount Zion.


That woman isn't fat, she is going to have a baby.


We already have your name on the list.


That's important to know.

The boys look sad.

All of the children had to go to bed before dark.

Pete could hear the television blaring in the background.

My father is a little old-fashioned.

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I would have liked it if you had come with us.


He disposed of his old house.

It wasn't just luck.

Without you, I would've died.

Man was not made to live alone.

That information isn't correct.

He's an Asian-American.

There are plenty more fish in the sea besides him.

There is no connection between them.

Roxane will always remember Benson.

My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes an irrelevant answer.

How much did you say this cost?

I don't like the way you're acting.

Unexpected things happen to those who expect things.


He stopped resisting, and resigned himself to his fate.

I should give Scot a call.

I'm having fun.

Shouldn't we give it to them?

How was your vacation?

None of my students failed.

This is mine, and that's yours.


I've never been arrested for anything.

He can't know the truth.

When was the last time you had a checkup?


That's a great idea.

If he could not answer the riddle, he would be eaten.

We're going now.

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June told me I should come to you for help if I had any problems.

Friendship is magic.

My name's Jack.


Dewey has never been kissed by Sanjay.


They go barefoot.


I wonder where Christie is right now.

I hope you're not offended.

I guess that's about it.


Fire at will.

Jorge sipped at his drink.

He is eating a crumpet.

I know how Cathrin feels about Knute.

Are you all set, Tad?


I'm feeling sick.